12 January 2015

AAF Masterclass: The Philosophy of Reza Negarestani

The masterclass will be held on Wednesday the 4rd of February at the School of the Arts and Media, UNSW, Kensington Campus. Cost $40 (Student/Unwaged), $60 Waged. Places are limited. 

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This course will examine some of the conceptual trajectories in the work of the philosopher Reza Negarestani. Negarestani’s texts have covered material ranging from Islamic esotericism, geophilosophy, mathematics, radical politics, emergence, functionalism and mechanics, artificial general intelligence, and neo-Confucianism. 

Despite such historical and intellectual breadth, this course attempts to familiarize new comers to Negarestani’s work as well as propose a specific conceptual continuity in his eclectic set of works, namely that of how to properly relate construction or synthesis (as human but not merely human labor) to the notion of an exterior or outside whether in topological, terrestrial, or temporal terms. 

Readings for the course can be accessed HERE.

BEN WOODARD is a PhD student at Western University in Ontario, Canada. His dissertation is on the role of motion and space in the naturalism of FWJ von Schelling. He has published numerous works on contemporary philosophy, ecology, pessimism, as well as weird fiction and horror film. 

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