21 January 2015

AAF 2015 Conference Schedule

A full program with abstracts and biographies will be published here shortly. In the meantime, the schedule, panels, and paper titles can be found below. We also regret to announce that, due to travel restrictions, Reza Negarestani is unable to attend the conference in person and will be joining us via Skype instead.

The conference will take place at the UNSW Art and Design campus (formerly known as COFA). This is a separate campus to the main UNSW campus and is located on the corner of Oxford St and Greens Road in the inner city suburb of Paddington. Register here.

Day I

February 5th

First Stream (EG02 Lecture Theatre)

Sound and the Body
Marc Couroux (Chair)
Ryan McGoldrick - ‘Bio/Neuro Immersion in Digital Interactive Environments: The Post-human Aesthetics of Pia Van Gelder’s ‘Psychic Synth’ (2014)’ 
Andrew Goodman - ‘The Noise in the Noise: Micro-Perception as Affective Disruption to Listening and the Body’
Rahma Khazam - ‘Out of Earshot, Out of Mind, the Tribulations of Object-Oriented Sound (Part II)‘

Stephen Muecke (Chair)
Charles Robb - ‘The Ways of Things: objects and agency in the studio’
Wendy Alexander - ‘Between and Within: An Object-Oriented Inquiry (OOI) of South Asia in Australia’
Belinda Dunstan and Jeffrey Koh - ‘Robots Suck, but You Suck More: A Visual Survey’

Organisation, Contingency, and Control
Prue Gibson (Chair)
Guy Keulemans - ‘Capturing the Middle: Experimental Product Design and the Expression of Socio-Environmental Relations in Material’
Thomas Mical - ‘Oblique Strategies for a Nomad Science’ 
Renata Lemos Morais - ‘Hypersurveillance’
Paul Thomas - 'Speculative Theory, Quantum Science, Measurement and Art'

Second Stream (F205)

Metaphysics and Aesthetics
Laura Lotti (Chair)
Thomas Sutherland - ‘Art, Non-Philosophy and the Generalized Transcendental Aesthetic’
George Ioannides - ‘Animacies After Finitude: Towards a Post-Secular Eco-Philosophy of Film’
Justin Clemens - ‘Immortal Hate’ 

Dancing to the Electrocene
Amy Ireland (Chair)
Adam Hulbert - 'Folding the Soundscape :: A Speculative Ad Hoc Account of Synthes/is Plateaux in Relation to Actual Control'
Marc Couroux - 'PSYCHO(tic)ACOUSTICS: Five Psychoalchemical Pathological Propagational Vectors'
Lendl Barcelos - 'An Aural Fixation: Or, Receptive Alienation Toward the Varieties of (sonic) Identity'

Sneaking up on the Thing-Itself: Practical Approaches to Infinitude
Virginia Barratt (Chair)
Cat Jones - ‘Somatic Drifts: Tactility, Illusion and Olfactive Interventions in Empathy’ 
Monika Behrens - ‘Seasonal Object’
Geneviève Smith-Courtois - ‘An Aesthetic of Infinitude: A Feminine Movement Artist’s Perspective Regarding Post-pornography’
Jacquelene Drinkall - ‘Anthropocene Aesthetics of Telepathy and Action-at-a-Distance in New Materialisms’

KEYNOTE #1 (EG02 Lecture Theatre)
Mohammad Salemy - ‘Scientific Surface: Contemplation on the Art of the Future and the Future of Art’


Day II

February 6th

First Stream (EG02 Lecture Theatre)

Mathematics, Computation, and Literature
Lendl Barcelos (Chair)
Christian Gelder - ‘Re-reading Sonnet en -yx: The Mathematical Problem of Mallarmé’s Meaningless Sign’
Baylee Brits - 'Speculative Aesthetics in Samuel Beckett’s Quad (Or: Hyperstition has been around for a while)'
Oscar Schwartz - ‘A Turing Test for Poetry’

Inhuman Economies
Baylee Brits (Chair)
Laura Lotti - ‘Enter the Black Box: Aesthetic Speculations in the “general economy” of Being’  
Julian Murphet - 'From Text to Code to Organism’
Ari Mattes - ‘Spring Breakers: Towards a Theory of Accidental Narrative’

Climate, Ecology, and Nonhuman Actors
Edward Scheer (Chair)
Stephen Muecke - ‘Picture that Cyclone’
Josh Wodak - ‘Climate by Design: Art in the Age of the Anthropocene’
Sumugan Sivanesan and Tessa Zettel - ‘Disappearing Bees’ 
Alexis DeStoop - ‘Psycho-geography of Remote Environments’ 

Second Stream (F205)

Chronic Mutation: Modernity and Time
Ben Woodard (Chair)
Chris Shambaugh - ‘The Emergence of Hyperstition’ 
Amy Ireland - ‘Anastrophic Modernism: Occult Time and the Production of Radical Novelty’ 
Patrick Quick - ‘Land/Cioran & Plant/SI Discuss Time in Downtown Kowloon City, 1994’

The (Un)Contemporary
Patricia Reed (Chair) 
Edward Colless - 'Contempt'
Su Ballard - ‘Infinite Matter and Vital Objects: Thinking About Contemporary Art with Mikala Dwyer and Lady Anne Conway’ 
Elizabeth Pulie - ‘Human and Aesthetic Finitude’

Christian Gelder (Chair)
Tessa Laird - ‘Data, Demons and Discipline: Jess Johnson’s Gnostic Dungeons.’
Douglas Kahn - 'Reverse Icarus'
Prue Gibson - 'Robotany and Speculative Plant-Talk'
Sigi Jottkandt ‘Allegories of Criticism: Mourning and Melancholia in Nabokov's Pale Fire.’

KEYNOTE #2 (EG02 Lecture Theatre)
Reza Negarestani - ‘Where Thought is Headed (Abstraction, Orientation, Self-Conception)’ via Skype

Any questions call Baylee on 0478 693 563

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