3 September 2014

AAF talks to Michael O'Rourke and Eileen A. Joy

Next Tuesday September 9th, Michael O'Rourke and Eileen Joy will be joining Aesthetics After Finitude via Skype to discuss queer politics in the movement formerly known as speculative realism, and para/peri-academic tactics.

If you're in Sydney join us in Room 310, Robert Webster Building, UNSW at 7 pm (or come at 5 pm for a Philip K Dick/AAF double bill). All welcome.

We'll be discussing the following pieces:

O’Rourke, Michael. ‘Negarestani’s Queer Polytics of the Twist’ in Rogue Theory (NY: Punctum Books) Forthcoming [Draft Version]. 

Joy, Eileen A. 'Weird Reading' in Speculations IV (2013) http://speculations.squarespace.com/storage/Joy_Weird%20Reading_Speculations_IV.pdf

Email aesthetics.after.finitude@gmail.com for texts.

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