30 July 2014

Get Reassembled by Your Own Future: Time, Intelligence, Acceleration

A week-long program for PAF Summer University involving seminars, lectures, film-screenings, reading-groups, conversation, mind alteration, and the dance floor.

Departing from the work of Nick Land and Reza Negarestani this week-long seminar will embark on a chronoportational trip that hurtles headfirst through nineties cyberculture, the philosophy of desire, and tech-inflected antihumanism towards a twenty-first century reanimation of the Enlightenment project which seeks to spark an emancipatory, universalist program off from local coordinates, guided by the exigencies of reason and self-cultivation - these latter having been recognised for what they really are: agents in the installation of a pragmatic inhumanism.

 Prepare for catastrophic phase-shift. Get reassembled by your own future.

Featuring live and Skype discussions with Reza Negarestani, Nick Land, Robin Mackay, Olivia Lucca Fraser, Peter Wolfendale, Mark Fisher, Ben Woodard, Benedict Singleton, Tom Trevatt, Marc Couroux, Lendl Barcelos, Amy Ireland, Katrina Burch, Diana Khamis, Laura Lotti, Beau Deuwaarder, Mårten Spångberg + others.


Tuesday 12th August - Monday 18th August

Practical Info
Monday lunch - Friday breakfast: 17 euro per night, accommodation, individual cooking. 

Friday lunch - Monday breakfast: 100 euro, including accommodation, food and wine. 

Membership: 12 euro, valid 12 months. 

Booking: contactpaf@gmail.com 

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