Reading List for 2014

Bennett, Jane. Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things. Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2010.

Barad, Karen. "Nature's Queer Performativity," Qui Parle: Critical Humanities and Social Sciences (2011): Vol.19(2), pp.121-158.
Barad, Karen. "Posthumanist Performativity: How Matter Comes to Matter," Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, Vol.28(3), p.801-831.

Simondon, Gilbert. "On Techno-Aesthetics," Parrhesia 14 (2012): 1-8. 
Simondon, Gilbert. "The Genesis of the Individual" in Incorporationsed. J.Crary, S .Kwinter. New York: Zone Books, 1992.

Couroux, Marc. "Glossary for a Techno-Sonic Control Society," accessible here:
Couroux, Marc. "Xenochronic Dispatches from the Domain of the Phonoegregore" accessible here:
+ Skype session with Marc Couroux

Grant, Iain Hamilton. "The Chemistry of Darkness," Pli 9 (2000): 36-52. 
Grant, Iain Hamilton. excerpts from Philosophies of Nature After Schelling. London: Continuum, 2008. 

Woodard, Ben. On an Ungrounded Earth: Towards a New Geophilosophy. Brooklyn: Punctum Books, 2013. 
+ Skype session with Ben Woodard

Garcia, Tristan. Form and Object: A Treatise on Things. trans. Mark Allan Ohm & Jon Cogburn. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014.

Latour, Bruno. We Have Never Been Modern, trans. Catherine Porter (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1993)
Latour, Bruno., et al. excerpts from the AIME project

O’Rourke, Michael. "Speculative Realism, Object Oriented Ontology and Queer Theory," Speculations II (May 2011): 275-312.
+ Skype session with Eileen A. Joy [tbc]

Beech, Amanda. "Knowing Horror," Incognitum Hactenus I (2010): 12-19.

Toscano, Alberto. "Against Speculation, or, a Critique of the Critique of Critique," The Speculative Turn: Continental Materialism and Realism, Melbourne:, 2011.

Delanda, Manuel. excerpts from A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History. Brooklyn: Zone Books, 1997.
Delanda, Manuel. excerpts from War in the Age of Intelligent Machines. New York: Zone Books, 1991.

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