16 October 2015

AAF Reads Zalamea

'The case studies of the second part should have made it clear that contemporary mathematics is incessantly occupied with processes of transit in exact thought, involved in multiple webs of contradistinction, both internal and external. [...] As we have seen, we are dealing with a vision that ramifies through all the mathematics of the epoch, and which is also capable of giving rise to a genuine Einsteinian turn in the philosophy of mathematics.'

- Zalamea, Synthetic Philosophy of Contemporary Mathematics

We've been slowly working our way through Fernando Zalamea's Synthetic Philosophy of Contemporary Mathematics over the last couple of months and are meeting for the final session on Friday 23rd October at UNSW in Robert Webster, 301 (4.30 pm - 6 pm) to discuss Part Three - 'Synthetic Sketches'. In this section Zalamea theorises the relation between mathematics and thought, and mathematics and creativity, exploring this 'Einsteinian turn' in mathematics. Attendance at the first two sessions is absolutely not required: part three is a turbulent journey through 'transitory ontology' and mathematical creativity and is a juicy read regardless of whether you've covered the first two parts. All welcome.

The New Centre for Research and Practice is also currently live-streaming a series of seminars given by Zalamea at the Pratt Institute in NYC. 

You can access the videos here.

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