25 October 2013

Critical Animals, 2013 /// Panel Recordings

Each act of speculation begins with the invocation of a limit, and whether one construes it epistemologically, ontologically or eschatologically, a hypothetical line traced through each of these declensions will invariably reveal the silhouette of the human subject. As it is traditionally understood, aesthetics can only take place on the inside of this limit because of the pact it has made with human subjectivity and its experience. 

In resistance to such configurations, this panel proposes to develop a set possibilities for speculative aesthetics in response to art that works at and as an interface of the real. What kind of artistic and literary practices constitute speculative work? How might the non-philosophical take up that which is strictly unthinkable for philosophy? What kind of mark does the thought of human extinction leave on the human? We will look at the outside of experience from the inside and vice versa via a parallax interfacing of human and object, thought and matter, imagination and mathematics, data and narrative, and truth and fiction that traverses and ultimately dissolves disciplinary and philosophical boundaries in an efflorescence of speculative trafficking.

Individual talks below:

Panel in full:

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